Modieva has a dark and mysterious past as the proverbial playground of the gods.

Over the many millennia since the dawn of creation the loyalties and very lives of the people of these fair lands have been at the whim of forces far beyond their comprehension.

Whilst we now live in a time of relative peace and prosperity those who have followed our history and learned of our origins know that we are ever but minutes away from potential destruction, should the gods wish it.

It is for this purpose that I while away my evenings in the pursuit of our past, and devote my days to the discovery of our future.

In the years since my graduation from the academy I have devoted my life to researching and recording the unwritten history of our world.

Now at the end of my days I leave these collected works and scattered thoughts as tribute to the gods and a gift to you to continue once I am gone.

Please take up the charge of preserving my work, these Discordian Tales, and in doing so, add your own discoveries and adventures to this journal to be handed on to the next generation.

Nekatu Nox, Episkopos of the Amethyst Academy, YOLD 3166

Hail Eris!
Hail Discordia!
Hail Modieva!