The universe has been locked in an eternal battle between CHAOS and ORDER since the dawn of time; two principle deities are at the very heart of this; each vying for power with only one ever able to hold dominion for any length of time.

Over 3000 years ago they focused their attention on the bountiful and beautiful lands of MODIEVA and began a crusade to control this world, each with their own prophets and unique approach, peppering the world with relics to support their claims.

ORDER initially won but over the next 2000 years the forces of CHAOS fought to take control and, despite seemingly impossible odds, prevailed against the oppressive negative/positive focus of the mainstream philosophy with their own movement rooted in destruction/creation with a firm belief in the creative power of CHAOS.

Over the next 1000 years, a new star began to rise and the world of MODIEVA turned their eyes, hearts, and souls to her cause and away from ORDER and HARMONY towards CHAOS and DISCORD.

It has now been 1000 years since DISCORDIANISM became the dominant religion and many have become complacent in their rituals and have gone so far as ceasing to believe in their deity.

Some have even begun to wonder whether she was ever real and if so, will she ever return?
If she does, when?
And if not, who- or what- comes next?