Having recently starting going back to basics with everything from the story to the game mechanics I can definitely see there is merit in the “form before function” approach- or “plan before program” at least.

Over the last week I’ve picked up a couple of decent books and read through a lot of excellent articles and as a result I’m feeling a lot more clear on what I’m doing and where to spend my time before I actually commit anything to code.

Today I wrapped up a quick overview of the game in the form of a “one pager” that outlines the core story, game play, mechanics, intended audience, rating, and competition for the game and will be moving on to the “ten pager” next to help firm up various aspects of the design.

The first draft of a Game Design Document I produced previous (currently a combo of Technical Design, Game Design, Bible, and misc. notes) will be carved up over the next few days into a more structured and useful set of documents that should help guide the development of the game going forward.

Onwards and upwards!

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