Modieva is made up of a number of continents with their own cultures and people. Many of these have united together under the Discordian Goddess, Eris, towards a peaceful co-existence free of war and greed.


Homeland of the Dragon

Modjina is an ancient and mysterious land once populated by monsters and other creatures of unimaginable terror.

That was a long time ago though. The modern Modjina is a bustling land of commerce and opportunity. Much of the world’s design and manufacturing is done here now, utilising the strength and fire of the great dragons to a more productive use than war.

Modjina is now the primary base of operations for THE HEART with campuses for both THE EYE and THE HAND nearby.


Homeland of the Lizard
Newly established campus for THE EYE to facilitate digs in the area alongside the longstanding training grounds for THE HEART.
Modire Homeland of the Rabbit and Fox
Longstanding base of operations for THE VOICE with a supporting campus built by THE MIND for the betterment of the realm.
Modesi Homeland of the Tiger and Panther
Recent base of operations for THE HAND, currently in a temporary location but with a new HQ building on the way.
Modavia Homeland of the Bear and Wolf
Primary base of operations and testing center for THE EYE with a nearby training campus for THE HEART.
Modus Homeland of the Human
Agreed center of the realm and seat of the government, no department or group is permitted to be based here, however all branches maintain active campuses.
Modhur Homeland of the Elf/Fairy
Historical home of THE MIND with a recent introduction of a new campus from THE VOICE to train the next generation of civil servants
Modraak Homelands of the Orc/Ogre/Goblin
Ongoing tensions in the region have made permanent Modievan settlements all but impossible however THE HEART, THE HAND, and THE EYE have all recently managed to establish bases.
Modhoon Homeland of the Sea People, if they exist…