Prima Discordia: A Treatise on World Religion
By Professor Paul (Papa) Pauciloquent


It is said that the world of Modieva has seen the rise and fall of many races, cultures, and whole civilizations at the hands of the their leaders and through the machinations of the gods in their joint but oft disjointed attempts to claim the world as their own.

Explorations of the ruins and remains of these lost peoples support the stories of war and greed before the current age. Before the dawn of the new. Before the chaos.

In the first Year of Our Lady of Discord (YOLD 1), it was proclaimed that Eris, Goddess of chaos and strife, the matriarch of Discordianism, set in motion a series of events that placed her ministry in direct, or indirect, control or the world.

Her influence in the last great war has been hotly debated in the 3000 years since, but it is generally accepted by those of the faith that she smiled down upon the warring tribes of our various cultures and inspired them not to set aside their differences, nor still to lose themselves to their natures. Instead she encouraged them to accept their natures, embrace their differences, and allow conflict through discourse to be their weapons over the former tools of fangs, claws, blades, and magic.

In essence, by accepting that the world is mad and that we are all equally mad we accept that there is little value in trying to make sense of it or trying to encourage or force others to do the same.

Eris is therefore said to favour all who embrace destruction and disorder in the recognition that they are equal in importance as much as in opposition to the forces of creation and order. For without the former you cannot have the latter.