On the Rule of Law
By Professor Paul (Papa) Pauciloquent


Discordian law, if one can call it that given that Discordianism rejects all attempts at order and structure, is guided and developed by the five cabals each representing a season and managed by an appointed Episkopos who will facilitate the relevant rituals, activities, and practitioners’ development.

However, due to the anti-authoritarian nature of the Discordian Society, Episkoposes work to hand off the ‘leadership mantle’ as soon as is possible and will only hold their position for the duration of a season.

During their term they will be responsible for coordinating the flow of information between the cabals and ensuring that the two most important days of the season are celebrated correctly.

The year cycles through a pentagon, progressing from the primordial Chaos and Discord, teetering for a time on the edge of Confusion, and then slipping into Bureaucracy before we have to clean up the mess during The Aftermath.

The 5th day of each season is an “Apostle Day”, celebrating the life of the venerable and well respected Episkopos that founded the relevant cabal whilst the 50th day of each season is a designated “Holy Day” where all faithful are expected to worship Eris in their own way. Another celebrated day, St. Tib’s Day, occurs once every 4 years and is inserted between the 59th and 60th days of the Season of Chaos.