On a working weekend like many others, sitting on a bus towards Richmond following some inevitably inconvenient scheduled British Rail maintenance, listening to Replay: The History of Video Games, I was reminded of a pen and paper role playing game I’d developed in my teens and I wondered; what if I revisited it? what if… it were a video game instead?

I shelved the idea to focus on the work at hand, but on the long journey home the idea surfaced again and I couldn’t shake it. Thus, on arriving home, began an insatiable quest that consumed the remainder of weekend and each weekend of the week that followed in a story that will be very familar to anyone who has attempted to develop a game.

With concepts in constant flux, mechanics in continuous evolution, and characters ever being generated only to never see the light of day again, not to mention an uncountable number of name changes, the game began to take form.

This was the rebirth of a fantasy and sci-fi obsessed teenager’s crude universe with it’s motley crew of rag tag creatures, cultures, and kingdoms. This was the world of Modieva. This was Discordian Tales.

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